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We are building an eminent network to empower FemTech in India to enable FemTech companies to connect with relevant resources, industry mentors, FemTech innovators, entrepreneurs, Investors and FemTech enthusiasts.

Our robust ecosystem helps gain access to top-notch industry research and insights, access to exclusive database, contemporary news-pieces, contacts and associations with industry stalwarts.

With a well-connected platform to unify FemTech companies with relevant resources, we aim to provide the recognition and acknowledgement that every company deserves. Our platform offers access to length of innovation ideas, a pathbreaking professional network, and up-to-date industry insight.

We bring together, connect and amplify professionals in the space to grow the Indian FemTech ecosystem. Become an industry leader by joining our network and
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Our Mission

Femtech India exists to inspire entrepreneurs to lead in women’s health innovation. Our mission for this community is to connect Indian FemTech companies with the resources to learn more about the FemTech ecosystem and help them get the recognition they deserve.

Our Vision

To be the leading business support service and strategic Indian Femtech network for founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, job seekers, investors, professionals to connect, collaborate, and up – skill, and create better platform for women’s health innovation.