Femved is creating an ecosystem of holistic and sustainable living, by revolutionising the way women priorities their health
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FemVed holistic wellness for mind-body-spirit ayurveda based personalized regime for women by women.

March 14, 2023 By Editor

Femved A preventive and supplementary wellness platform that makes managing health easy, less overwhelming and more holistic for women.  

Aditi Ayare and Lillian Psylla founders are on a mission to provide supplementary care for women’s health via a holistic, ayurvedic and sustainable wellness regime. An easy and personalized lifestyle development plan that will nurture a habit of healthy living. 

Women’s Wellness plans should be unique and personalized. It has to be focused on 360° development. Thus, our aim is to utilize the preventive and supplementary solutions of ayurvedic science and bring the best of ayurveda on one platform to catalyse the efforts made towards improving women’s health. 

FemVed works in three steps, as below: 

1) Personalised Wellness management plan: 

An end-to-end wellness regime, starting with a consultation with our experts (accredited and  authorised by international standards), followed by an analysis of physical and mental health based on ailments and medical history. Based on this analysis a holistic and organic daily regime is curated comprising nutrition, yoga, stress & sleep management. 

2) Provide Ease and Accessibility: 

While the wellness regime is our key product, our aim is also to empathize with every woman who will be part of FemVed’s wellness community. It is overwhelming for any woman to find wellness solutions when she is undergoing medication and fighting the symptoms of autoimmune diseases or reproductive ailments, they are trapped in a vicious cycle and need a system that is manageable according to their convenience. Hence, our focus is to create regimes that can be easily followed from the comfort of their home, we also aim at providing access to resources such as sustainable grocery vendors for their diet plans to holistic brands to cater for their personal care needs. 

3) Ensure Trust and Authenticity:

Creating a safe place is our motive, not only through providing a platform for their holistic  well-being but also through selective service providers who follow all the protocols and norms of the healthcare ecosystem. 

How are we different from other platforms:  

Our first step towards differentiation is to focus on the user journey, research and creation of an organised platform. While doing so, our business operations, especially our key product: regime and marketing efforts are focused on creating personalisation, convenience and internal motivation by always being true to the unique needs of each woman who will be part of  FemVed’s community. We believe in the Babylon format of accessibility and we are aiming  towards making the FemVed regime available to all women across the boundaries via the digital space.  

Why FemVed will be beneficial for women:  

Less is known about conditions that only affect women, including common gynaecological conditions that can have severe impacts on health and well-being. 

There is evidence that the impact of female-specific health conditions such as heavy menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, pregnancy-related issues and menopause is overlooked. This includes the effect such conditions can have on workforce participation, productivity and outcomes. 

Apart from that it was observed that 3 out of 5 women were at a high risk of cardiovascular  disease even as early as 35 years of age because of this sedentary lifestyle. In another study, the lack of job control was associated with an increased risk of diabetes among women. 

Doctors suggest lifestyle management to every woman who experiences gynaecological conditions or autoimmune diseases. Yoga and meditation have been suggested care solutions by many.  

People have been following yoga across the globe. However, it has been considered a fitness  activity and has not been looked at with a correlation to health management. Yoga has its own  adaptations by many which may not be essentially beneficial, eg: face yoga is not yoga, goat  yoga is not yoga. Few women are now waking to a healthy diet and well-being too, however, they do not have a complete body and mind solution. Holistic resources & sustainable solutions are difficult and expensive to access, and even when one manages to find them, one doesn’t know about their authenticity. 

There is a need for complete wellness, and some have realized it. We believe that with primary care (medication) every woman needs to have supplementary care to balance their constantly changing body, our focus is to grow with them and create a healthy system for them by focusing on their day-to-day activities.  

From monthly menstrual cycles through pregnancy, early motherhood, and menopause, the  female body is constantly changing and adapting to all that life brings. The future will be better for women if as many women as possible do not experience worry, sadness, stress or anger, or  anxiety due to their bodily change if we can help create a balance by providing holistic care.