Pampering your maternal instinct A roundup of new-age motherhood start-ups
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A roundup of new-age motherhood start-ups

November 4, 2022 By Editor

Are you a mom-to-be, or are you a new mom? Do you happen to have questions about your baby’s wellbeing and your own? Are you trying to find answers to commonly asked questions about pregnancy, postpartum, feeding, and the baby’s sleep cycle? Do you want to shop for the best maternal products, or do you want to know more about new-age skin care products that you can use on your babies?

If so, you are certainly not alone!

Most mothers (and expecting moms) always have an endless checklist that they seem to never complete. Most often than not, they look for easy ways to tackle their questions, which ends up being a family member or a friend.

Consider having an expert by your side who can answer all of your questions about pregnancy, birthing, or anything else related to motherhood

Maternal Care, Done Right!

It certainly sounds good to have an expert at your disposal to have your abundant questions answered. It would also feel reassuring when the expert is non-judgemental and offers personalised solutions. What a sweet deal! Imagine reaching out to experienced mommies and child-experts and interacting with a community to drive meaningful conversations!

A host of new-age maternal start-ups are offering a plethora of solutions to cover the length and breadth of services relating to motherhood, conception, pre-birth care, post-birth care, and the like.

Here is a list of innovative motherhood start-ups that have carved a niche for themselves in the space. Read on to find out more!

Haplo Care: Haplo Care serves as a platform to provide screening and treatment of emotional health during pregnancy and after birth. The platform serves as an end-to-end solution for prevention, personalised diagnosis, and treatment of mental health during pregnancy and postpartum. The integrated digital and mental healthcare solution platform minimises the barriers to accessing treatment and bridges the gap between women and healthcare providers. The platform has a dedicated team of scientists and experienced mothers who provide valuable guidance and advice on mental wellbeing.

Newmi: Newmi, which was formerly called Preggerz is a women’s health and wellness platform. It is a product and service ecosystem that focuses on women’s health and wellbeing. The platform serves as a one-stop shop for pre-birth, birthing, and post-birth needs. Its offerings include medical care, wellness experiences, maternal wear, and skin care products. Some of the wellbeing offerings which can be found on the platform include Yoga and Meditation, mental wellness sessions, Garbhsanskar Classes, postpartum recovery, diet management, among others.

Humm: Humm is a digital healthcare platform that offers a suite of holistic healthcare solutions for moms and their families. The platform aims to provide healthcare for the mom and the family’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The app offers health programs, personalised tools and insights. Some of the tools that the app offers include: Ovulation Tracker, Due Date Calculator, Vaccination Tracker, and Financial Planning Calculator. The app also has a community for moms to get their queries answered on a range of questions, including adoption, surrogacy, IVF, and postpartum, among others. Some of the other programmes which Humm provides include medical and non-handbooks, unlimited 1:1 consultation, holistic experience sessions, and 24×7 chat with in-house care companions.

Mamma Miya: Mamma Miya is a first-of-its-kind, digital life planner for moms. The app gives a holistic overview of insights, which enables the users to see a summary of their time and mind space. With the granular insights and summary, the app enables moms to organise their lives more intentionally. The app helps moms declutter their minds, stay organized, and make room for what matters most to them. In short, the app aims to bring mindfulness to moms and to help them calm down during their busy days.

The Momly: Momly is an AI-powered platform that helps moms and moms-to-be focus on their social, mental, and physical wellbeing at every stage of motherhood. The platform offers a safe space for women to connect with other women and with experts, who offer guidance and valuable advice on fertility, pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting. The platform also curates events and meetups. Some of the past events curated by Momly include ‘Managing Toddler Emotions’, ‘Yoga for Postnatal Fitness’, among others. The platform also allows medical experts to conduct sessions, ranging from lactation consultants to mental health professionals, parenting experts, and paediatric dentistry experts.

Mylo is a pregnancy and parenting app. The offers a suite of solutions to mothers to be, women who are trying to conceive. It offers tips about conception, pregnancy, parenting, and child care. The app also provides a portal for people to get their questions answered by their community of experienced mothers. The app offers a range of exciting topics, including pregnancy care, parenting tips, postpartum tips, and healthy food ideas. Some of the utility apps that can be found include new born baby development tracker, new mommy checklist, ovulation calculator, Chinese gender predictor, baby name finder, among several others. The platform also offers a storefront to buy products for babies and for women.

While we appreciate these ventures driving innovation in the FemTech space and, most importantly, motherhood space, let us hope that new innovators and thinkers explore this canvas and offer more cutting-edge solutions for mothers-to-be.

Are you a FemTech platform offering exciting and innovative solutions? If you would like us to feature your story, feel free to connect with us!

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